And like the best of us, I’m completely obsessed about many things – namely, U2, Star Wars, Lost, 24, Potter, Tolkien, Lewis, the usual fare. Here’s where I’ll be writing about the many things that make me ‘unique’ and ‘individual’ – and gloriously uncool.

The Week in Geek – w/c 11/5/09


Lost is really starting to build up its momentum towards an ‘end-game’. And I’m not just talking about the upcoming season 5 finale – I mean you definitely get the sense that at last with this cutting-edge series, we’re about to get some answers. The next episode, ‘The Incident’ tells the story of how the Hatch came to be and features a submarine, John Locke and a hydrogen bomb. What could possibly go wrong?

The West Wing

Belatedly, I’ve found myself obsessed with The West Wing. I’ve motored through about four series in one week, and its becoming this year’s number one threat to my revision. But Martin Sheen as President Bartlet, John Spencer, recently departed, as Leo Magarry, and Allison Janney as C.J. Cregg, are all mesmerising to watch. I think the best moments so far are either the enigmatic ‘Two Cathedrals’ episode, or the kidnap of Zoey Bartlett. An excellent series.

I Just Can’t Do It, Captain!

As a fervent Trekkie-hater for most of my adult life, and a fervent Star Wars fan, I just cannot find it in myself to go and see Star Trek. Apart from the fact I’m desperate to go and see it. This film, featuring a turn from the under-rated yet highly talented Silar actor himself, Zachary Quinto, as Spock, seems to be flying up the charts in the US and the UK. Perhaps I’ll cave soon.

More next week.

The Week in Geek – w/c 27/4/09


24 is really starting to come into its own this season. The story did threaten to veer off after the Thunderbird 3-esque rockets carrying viral-terrorist-gas started to eclipse the charachters, but thankfully with Tony’s betrayal, this show is all about the drama again. Will Tony make it out of this series alive? I wouldn’t bet strongly on it, but at the moment, given the condemnation his own pessimistic attitude is wreaking across his body, I wouldn’t be to sure of Jack’s chances either. In a day of shocking developments, with an excellent cast and one of the best prepared storylines for years, 24 season seven is really shaping up to be one of the best yet.


Is it just me, or are we really beginning to see the end of Lost on the horizon? With the title for this season’s finale being ‘The Incident’ and the revelations regarding Faraday’s past now apparent, it seems clear to me that the end of this series will see the Dharma Lot catapulted into the future to once again team up with John Locke and their destiny, which may or may not be the same thing. I’m beginning to tire of the whole time travel thing though, we’ve already witnessed two tragic time travel deaths and for me that’s enough. Let’s get back to some good old fashioned charachter interaction in real time, and mysteries around the island, rather than the Doctor Who motif currently shaping the series.


Having just finished Nick Davies’ Flat Earth News, I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Anybody serious about a career in journalism or even who reads newspapers on a regular basis should read this book. Davies, an experienced reporter in print and broadcast, takes the reader on a revealing tour-de-force through concepts such as the news factory, churnalism, the dark arts, PR and Flat Earth News. It’s an excellent read and a must-buy for anybody interested in journalism in any way.


Aside from bashing U2 all this week, I’ve been listening to a confusing mix of classical music and justice. I listened to Gustav Holst’s The Planets for the first time in a while the other day, and had forgotten what a genuinely inspiring piece of music it was – even though I’m not exactly what you’d call a classical buff. Currently thinking the new Green Day single is mild at best, and much more ‘par for the course’ than the driving change of American Idiot. Also listening to a fair bit of just to the ice and MGMT – can Kids be turned up too loud? I think not.

That’s all for this week, more coming soon…


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