Education, Education, Education…for the rich.

1 07 2009
Gordon 'We can spend forever' Brown - except on anything of actual significance

Gordon 'We can spend forever' Brown - except on anything of actual significance

The Guardian reports today that student maintenance loans are to be frozen and grants cut as the government struggles to find a way to make up for the huge economic defecit they’ve created. Clearly, we can’t scrap £20 million of Trident nuclear missiles, nor can we simply cut the boondoogles of jobs that perpetuate the civil service and higher tiers of government. Instead of cutting parliamentary expenses and to fund a 2.5% VAT cut nobody wanted, the government has decided to cut funding for poor kids going to university. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the end of Brown’s last-gasp argument that Labour is for investment.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the longer the dog-eared Labour government continues to pant for breath, the more it is obvious that they do not have a plan for any sort of future. Why should someone vote for them when their next plan is for a year only, and features no long-term vision? Whilst the easiest thing for any journalist at the moment is to kick the crap out of Labour, as the electorate have done at every election under Brown, it cannot be denied that having fought off an attempt to replace him, Brown has failed to provide any answer to the continuing downward spiral of the UK economy. And now, having given a 2.5% VAT cut nobody wanted, and denying the need to cut public spending even though the majority of intelligent voters know it is inevitable, Brown is planning to take money off those young people with less affluence attending university.

As somebody graduating this summer, I note this as the day Labour well and truly lost the last shadow of vestige of ‘at least they’re better than the tories’ that remained in my cold, ‘modernisation’-hating soul. Brown, along with his serpent predecessor, Blair, promised the young people of the country that if they were able to get into University, they wouldn’t pay fees. Then they made them pay a grand a year. Then they said they wouldn’t raise them, and a degree next year will cost 3,240 quid. Whilst fees increase with inflation, the maintenance necessary for most students will not. So to anybody out there, working hard at school or college, from a background that doesn’t have a spare £21,000 to get you through University, your Prime Minister just screwed you.

What does this all mean? It’s a spit in the face to aspiration, and the most effective deterrent to social mobility since ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ told the ‘poor man’ to stay ‘at his gate’. Was it worth borrowing shedloads of cash for a six month VAT cut and then taking that money out of education? (Teacher trainees will also face cuts in maintenance provided by the government.) Which is fair enough, because it’s not like education was ever a priority, right?

Brown’s a liar, just like the predecessor he loathed. Difference is, at least the Slytherin-esque Blair could bamboozle us with his parseltounge. Brown’s just ugly, robotic, and doesn’t have a clue. And the sooner his neurotic, unelected arse leaves the seat of power, the better off for all of us. This isn’t an endorsement of the Tories; but at this stage we just need this moron out.




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