A little about me

2 05 2009
Your Intrepid Reporter

Your Intrepid Reporter

Hi there.

The Copy, or to the layperson, the name given to the top stories and headlines in a newsroom, has changed dramatically throughout the years. Anybody familiar with ‘Flat Earth News’ by Nick Davies will be aware that the world of journalism is changing dramatically in the modern world. Whereas twenty years ago,  journalists would have had the luxury of spending a day writing two or three stories, today they’re lucky if they get less than seven or eight. In a world where press releases, the PR industry and a lack of time and resources are driving down the quality of journalism generally, I’ll be using this blog to offer analysis and the best journalistic insights into the world in which we live and why what happens in it, happens. This is not just the draft ‘copy’ hammered out by newsrooms worldwide. Here, I’ll be taking you Beyond the Copy.

I’m a student journalist based in the Manchester Region. I currently temp for free at a professional radio station, as well as edit the news on a Student Radio Station. I have worked on Community Radio and dearly want to work for either BBC Radio 4 or the World Service when I grow up. In the meantime, I get by working whatever jobs available, spending time with my lovely girlfriend and mates, reading, walking, listening to U2 to an obsessive level, watching cult series like Lost, The West Wing, 24 and procrastinating to a high degree.




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